New Brand Bodysuit Shapewear From Gemdrone
12.13.2016 | gemdrone | 2022

Get Your Best Body Silhouette With Our Bodysuit Shapewear  at Gemdrone                  

There is nothing that beats shapewear when it comes to admirable body shaping results. As the years go by, the innovation that had happened is enormous as it continuously evolves, having and giving lots of benefits to its users that they all wish to have. As an avid fan of shapewear, it is accommodating to realize the vast sizes, designs, styles, and shapes of shapewear that we can choose. Thus giving us some challenges in finding our right one “best shapewear bodysuits.”

So this is where the “shapewear” comes to light! The chance of having your dream body is already in the palm of your hands. Are you going to let it slide and continuously live just the way you are? Not so right? So invest, spend your time and money on bodysuit shapewear and reap the returns in time.


You are probably looking for a full body compression garment that you can count on based on the reviews of its users, then you’re in the right place. We will be giving you eye-opener information to see the features involve in our bodysuit shapewear which you may find fitting to your needs.


Everybody wants to own something that they can wear and match perfectly with the rest of their outfit. It resolves your budget and enables you to wear your outfit accordingly. The concept of versatility also applies to shapewear, meaning, you can have that shapewear in any type of dress you have such as this slimming bodysuit. It has a light fabric to smoothen your body silhouette whether in casual, formal, or semi-formal attire. It also features adjustable straps that render you fit it right with your body type.


How truly amazing to find bodysuit shapewear which helps in lifting your breast for a more seductive appearance. It is because of the open-bust design that works as support which also allows you the freedom to wear your favorite bra. This is a feature that makes this full-body fajas with a side zipper so popular, not alone by its shaping results.

Sculptshe Full Body Fajas With Side Zipper


Many people don’t believe in the fatality of postpartum depression until they experienced it for themselves. Having the thought of many “what ifs” causes stress from overthinking things that don’t resolve right away. It's a good thing that there is bodysuit shapewear that helps in easing some stress about your body issues effectively. This body shapewear with a removable bra also works with a woman who undergoes surgery and c-sections.


As we all know, shapewear is influenced by underwear in terms of design which controls the shape of your body with its elastic fabric and cinching prowess. So, it is not surprising to know that there is shapewear that can be an alternative for your underwear too! This adjustable straps tummy control thong bodysuit can keep your waist fats in check, to give you a long-lasting curvy look figure.

Sculptshe Adjustable Straps Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit


No questions needed to be asked why this shapewear ranks at the top of the most popular and sought bodysuits today. Just looking at the lace design, you’ll know why many were captivated by its unique and majestic beauty. It also features an open crotch to easily use the bathroom at any time. The lace hem at the legs acts as an anti-slipping tool to avoid the shapewear from rolling and curling.

Sculptshe Open Crotch Lace Bodysuit Shapewear


Girls have this “gut” feeling and it is sometimes correct, whether it's about relationship, family, belongings, or even to their desired “shapewear.” Hoping that these sets of shapewear will help you in keeping your confidence up by having a perfect sexy body in your dress.


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